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My Petroc


THE MY PETROC APP CAN ONLY BE USED BY STUDENTS AND STAFF OF PETROC COLLEGE.Want to be able to check your timetable at any time, even when you're not online? Then get the My Petroc Android App now.
The My Petroc app has been designed to help students have easier access to their timetable and other information.
Key features include:
Use OfflineOnce you have linked your account all your data will be sync'd with the App and be able to be viewed whilst you're offline. You can get your latest data at any time by clicking on the refresh icon on the home screen of the App. You will need to be connected to the internet either via WiFi or Mobile Data.
TimetableShows your last week of attendance as well as what classes you have coming up in the next two weeks.
Messages & AlertsYour My Petroc Messages and Alerts are downloaded to view from your mobile devices at any time.
ContactsShows important contact information such as lecturers and administration numbers that you may need to use.
AttendanceOverall attendance for all courses you're currently studying.